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What does My Will Include?

Last Will & Testament

Standard Paragraphs

  • Identify Family (Spouse and Children, If Applicable)
  • Specify Method of Burial and That All Just Debts and Charitable Pledges Be Paid
  • Name Executor(s), And, If Applicable, Trustee(s) and Guardian(s)

Customized Paragraphs

  • Dispose of Personal Residence, Cemetery Lots and Personal Property
  • Dispose of the Balance of the Estate (Either Outright or in Trust)

Generally Standard Paragraphs (Some Are Not Applicable in All Circumstances)

  • Generation Skipping Tax Provision
  • Year’s Support Election
  • Joint Accounts
  • Will Is Not a Contract
  • Ancillary Probate (For Out of State Property)
  • Powers of Executor(s), And, If Applicable, Trustee(s) and Guardians(s)
  • Miscellaneous Matters

Self-Proving Affidavit

  • For Witness and Notary Public Signatures (Simplifies Probate)

Outline & Definitions

  • Explains Each Paragraph of Your Will
  • Define Legal Terms That May be Used in Your Will or Other Documents


  • Safekeeping and Handling of Will
  • Events That Void a Will
  • Change in Family Circumstances (Marriage, Divorce, Birth of a Child, Significant Change in Financial Circumstances)
  • Property That Passes Outside Your Will
  • Customized Issues

Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care

  • Georgia Statutory Form
  • Appoint Agent to Make Medical Decisions
  • Appoint Successor Agents
  • Specify Organ Donation and Burial/Cremation Preferences
  • Specify Treatment Preferences (Life Support, Feeding Tubes)
  • Appoint Guardian of Person

Revocable Financial Power of Attorney

  • Georgia Statutory Form
  • Appoint Agent to Handle Financial Affairs If You Are Incompetent or Unable
  • Authorizes Specific Powers