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Probate Services

A loved one has died and you are overwhelmed with what to do next – what do you do with the will?  What if there is no will?  Is it necessary to file a probate action?  If not, how are those accounts transferred?

There is plenty of information online, but misinformation in the area of probate is rampant.  Maybe your friends, family and neighbors have offered advice, but it’s confusing to know which steps to take.  Each situation is different.  We are here to help.

Our firm can provide assistance to you as you sort through these decisions.  A sampling of services we are ready to provide our clients include:

  • Assistance in determining whether probate is necessary
  • Filing of probate petitions, including Petition for Probate in Solemn Form, Petition for Years’ Support, Petition for No Administration, Petition for Letters of Administration, etc.
  • Determination of heirs and beneficiaries
  • Help with inventory and accounting and reports
  • Managing payment of debts and expenses of administration
  • Distributing the property of the decedent (real property (deeds), business interests, financial assets and personal items)
  • Closing out the estate

Perhaps you need lots of help, or maybe you just need some legal advice and guidance as you move through the process of administering your loved one’s estate.  Either way, we have over 20 years of experience advising clients in these situations.  Let us help you too.

Please contact us for more details or to schedule a 15 minute free phone consultation.