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Making an Informed Decision

Should you use an online document preparation service to prepare your will and other documents, prepare the will yourself, or use our law firm to assist you?

When preparing an estate plan, you are likely to get a lot of suggestions from friends and acquaintances on what to do. Some suggestions may be good and some, quite frankly, will be bad suggestions. This section is designed to cut through the hype and help you make an informed decision on what is the best way for you to prepare an estate plan and draft a Last Will & Testament. We strongly believe that our law firm provides the right balance of service, speed, convenience and price for the great majority of families. Please review the following pages and our Q&A sections. Then you can move forward with the confidence you have made the right decision.

Consider the following:

Why Not Use an Online Document Preparation Site and/or Do-It-Yourself?

The disadvantages of using online document preparation sites, do-it-yourself books and software programs are numerous. The most serious of which are the following:

  • Zero legal assistance.
  • Risk of making a serious or strategic mistake that may not be correctable in the future. (Unfortunately, no one can be around to explain what was meant in their will.)
  • Failing to address estate tax implications can be financially disastrous to your surviving family.
  • “One size fits all forms.” These forms do not have the detail to address all of the issues you may face.
  • No experience or knowledge of state and federal law or recent changes in the law which affect the planning process.

Many online document preparation sites lure you in with the premise that you don’t need an attorney to prepare your will, and you can do it yourself for very low cost by using their forms. They also warn you to protect the ones you love.

But are you protecting your loved ones by using a national document fill-in service and doing so without legal review or advice? To be sure, these companies will not have an attorney reviewing your documents.

Just as everyone is different, so too is every will. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to making one of the most important legal documents. In the will preparation process, proper planning and drafting requires legal training and experience. Decisions must be made that call for professional care and guidance. Not to mention, changes in the law on a national and state level affect will planning and drafting recommendations. Self-prepared wills often contain language which is confusing and ambiguous, creating problems during the probate process.

Why Choose Robertson & Gable, LLC?

If you use Robertson & Gable, LLC to assist you in the will planning and preparation process, you will receive legal consultation, planning and advice by our experienced Georgia attorneys. Again, we strongly believe that our law firm provides the right balance of service, speed, convenience and price for the great majority of individuals and families.

Using our firm has the following advantages:

  • Legal Advice and Customized Legal Documents for Every Client.
  • Moderate costs. A specified amount of legal advice and consultation is included in our base price. Additional consultation, as required on a case-by-case basis, is available for an additional estimated fee. We strive to be upfront with our fee arrangements.
  • Free Preliminary Estate Analysis. We have built 37 different family profiles and 4 different tax profiles (A Total of 144 possible combinations). The Preliminary Estate Analysis will discuss issues common to your particular profile. It will include an estimate of legal fees and additional information forms tailor-made to your profile.
  • Time Savings. We initially work with you through online order submission, email, phone, fax, and/or mail. The Preliminary Questionnaire we require is only three pages long and can be completed from memory. We ask you for more information only as is necessary for your particular circumstances. For example, we do not require nearly as much information from a widow or widower with adult children and $100,000 in the bank as we do from a couple with minor children, some of which are from a previous marriage, who also own a business and have a net worth over $1,000,000.
  • Convenience. You can review the free Preliminary Estate Plan we prepare and our Q&A in the comfort of your own home.
  • Prompt Service. Generally, we can complete your will within two weeks. Rush services are also available.
  • It may be inconvenient for you to come to our office in Peachtree Corners, Georgia for the signing of your will. If you cannot come to our office, you will need to gather two witnesses and a notary public together for the signing. We send detailed instructions to those who choose not to come to our office for the signing.
  • If starting the will preparation through our online ordering does not suit you, please contact us and we’ll schedule a meeting for you with our attorney.

Regardless of the complexity of your will, we have over 20 years of experience assisting clients in protection of their wealth so that they can share it with loved ones and organizations most meaningful to them. Let us help you too.